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PURAP KIRO Seat Cushion

The PURAP KIRO chiropractic seat cushion uses our fluid 3D Flotation technology to provide relief from sitting pain. It can be used in car seats, office chairs, flights, stadiums, and any other chairs.

- Relief from Sciatica, Ischial burisits, Arthritis

Reduces leg heaviness & numbness

Reduces pinching sensation in buttocks

Oasis (waterproof top): $119.99   |   KIRO (mesh top): $119.99

PURAP KIRO dissipates pressure to the edges

Clinically tested technology

16 x 18 x 1.5 inches | 2.2 lbs

Try risk free for 30 days

How fluid 3D Flotation technology works

The PURAP KIRO cushion uses 3 layers - fluid, air, and foam - to dissipate pressure. The fluid layer is closest to the body. It fills in all the space between you and the cushion and increases direct support area. It does not compress and does not push back (like springs). This helps it dissipate the pressure away from the body towards the sides of the cushion.

Fluid 3D Flotation eliminates peak pressure points (pressure hotspots)

Increases contact area to dissipate pressure, provide uniform support

Does not 'pack-down' or 'sink-in' and doesn't lock you in one position

Fluid micro-movements avoid pressure buildup

Medical use technology

The PURAP KIRO seat cushion uses fluid 3D Flotation technology that is used in our medical use cushions and mattress overlay. 

This technology provides the lowest peak pressures. It has been designed for heavy use all day and is ideal for those who sit long hours at work or while driving.

KIRO's advantages over foam and gel cushions

Foam & Gel cushions

- Compress and pack-down according to body-weight distribution, creating highly uneven pressure distribution

Concentrate pressure only on a few contact points (typically areas below your sit bones)

These areas become high pressure points or "pressure hotspots" that worsen pain, cut off blood flow, and cause heaviness & numbness in the legs.

High pressure ■ ■ ■  Low pressure

Pressure Distribution Map of a Normal Cushion 

KIRO cushion

Fluid technology increases direct support area and distributes pressure more evenly

Eliminates high pressure points (pressure hotspots) by dissipating pressure laterally

+ Provides relief from sitting pain, sciatica and bursitis, and absorbs vibration during driving.

High pressure ■ ■ ■  Low pressure

Pressure Distribution Map of the KIRO Cushion 

Making a difference to people's lives

Features and Specifications

Breathable top

Breathable fabric prevents odors and prevents your bottom from heating.

Flexible, thin and portable

Fits most car & plane seats, office chairs and can be easily transferred between chairs. 

Clinically tested

The fluid 3D Flotation technology has been clinically tested at Stanford University Hospital.

Does not "pack down"

Does not pack down like foam and gel cushions; continuously provides stable support.

Dimensions & weight

Assembled & Designed

Testing information

Return period