Minimizes sitting pain and bottom soreness caused by prolonged sitting or driving

Reduces numbness in legs due to poor circulation from continuous sitting

Improves sitting posture and prevents constant shifting in the seat

A typical user utilizes it for all sitting and driving in their 9-to-5 and beyond

Price: $129.99  $119.99


It's ideal for those who do the 'left-cheek-right-cheek' butt dance to avoid sitting discomfort:


Standard sitting surfaces - be it your car seat, office chair, or even ergonomic chair - try to 'spring back' to retain their original shape. This puts high pressure on a few contact points with your buttocks. These pressure points become the source of pain and also can reduce circulation in your legs.

The Oasis pain-relief cushion uses fluid 3D flotation technology to minimize pain, improve circulation, and provide more stability. (Read how our technology works)



The Oasis pain-relief cushion is 16 x 18 x 1.5 inches and weighs 2.2 lbs. Its size, low profile, and flexibility allow it to fit most car and truck seats, office chairs, benches, etc. It comes with an anti-skid bottom and doesn't require straps.


Sitting pain can affect your day-to-day life and may require you to make unnecessary compromises. The Oasis pain-relief cushion can help you minimize disruptions to your life.


Our customers have bought the Oasis pain-relief cushion for their spouses, for their elderly relatives and for themselves. Here are just a couple of the testimonials.

"This is a fantastic product. I can't recommend it enough" (Read full review)

- Mary Pennington

I purchased this in August 2016. I have sciatica nerve problem which is aggravated by sitting for very long. Before I purchased it I called the telephone # listed and spoke to the founder of the company (George) about his product. He assured me that if I wasn't totally satisfied I had 30 days after receiving it to return it for a full refund.

Within 2 weeks of receiving it I A) drove 12hr each way to Mississippi with 1 day in between drives and B) rode 1100 mile each way in diesel pickup truck(it rides really rough!) to Iowa with 2 day in between drives. Normally after something like either trip I would be crippled up for at least a week with pain. I was a little stiff, but otherwise was fine.

This is a fantastic product and I can't recommend it enough. I sewed a fleece covering with a handle for it so it can be carried easily and can be washed if needed. Thank you so much George for this product.

"In about 2 weeks I noticed a dramatic difference" (Read full review)

- Chris C.

I ordered the Oasis cushion in June. I sit in an office for up to 10 hours per day. After a couple of hours, my right leg begins to tingle, so I get up and walk. This temporarily relieves the discomfort.

After I received the Oasis cushion, I placed it on my office chair and used it as a seat cushion. In about 2 weeks I noticed a dramatic difference - my right leg discomfort virtually disappeared. I thought this may be coincidental, so I stopped using the Oasis cushion for 1 month and my discomfort returned.

I now use the Oasis cushion whenever I am in the office and my right leg discomfort is virtually gone again.

I have an international trip coming up this year and plan to try the Oasis cushion on the long haul across the Pacific...stay tuned...