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Pressure ulcers form at areas of high pressure.  The most comfortable seats provide support with few, if any, high pressure points.  Foam & gel cushions compress and produce high pressure points because they want to "spring" back against the seated person. All PURAP seat cushions have low pressure readings and include the following patented 3D flotation technologies:

  • Fluid interface does not compress and minimizes high pressure points

  • Air-fluid design that conforms to any body shape for maximum support

  • Breathable yet waterproof cover that is easy to clean

  • Skid-resistant bottom

The PURAP Adjustable Seat Cushion minimizes pressures and maximizes comfort for people of various sizes by adjusting the amount of air below and around the fluid system.  The Adjustable Seat Cushion should be sized to fit each specific seat.  The PURAP Seat Cushion minimizes pressures and maximizes comfort for everyone.  The Seat Cushion is designed to fit most wheelchair seat sizes.  The Seat Cushion is light weight and flexible and can be transferred and used with car seats, office chairs, dialysis seats, household furniture and scooters.

Pressure Mapping Study Results

Skin pressure mapping studies were conducted to compare the PURAP Seat Cushion with several well-known seat cushions sold on the market that designed and marketed for comfort and to combat pressure ulcers. The studies show that the PURAP Seat Cushion has the fewest sharp pressure points, is the most comfortable and delivers the lowest pressures.


Pressure Mapping Graph

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