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"This high tech, anti-pressure cushion really does work" - K.C. (via Amazon)

I ordered this cushion for my Mom who spends a lot of time in her wheelchair and had started to regularly develop a pressure sore right below her tailbone. We have been emphatic about her being up in her wheelchair and participating in life and not laying around in her bed so the pressure on her tailbone became an issue. She had just developed another sore just before the cushion arrived. This time, with the cushion in place, the sore healed really, really within a week. Normally the staff would be nursing it along closer to 2 weeks or more before it would heal and the scab would fall off and then before we knew it another one would develop. It has now been almost a month and no new sore. We have all been checking her and there aren't even any red pressure areas on her behind anymore. The nurses can't believe it because this sore cycle has been going on for months. I highly recommend this cushion for anyone with similar issues. You don't have to pump any air, you don't have to mess with any straps (it stays in place), the person/patient does not have to be placed a certain way on the cushion and if being placed on a wheelchair, the cushion covers the entire seat instead of only covering half the seat and putting pressure on the back of the thighs. I am beyond relieved that my search for the perfect cushion has ended before my Mom's pressure sores became a real problem or worse yet, a life threatening problem.

"Highly recommended to anyone who experiences pain via pressure from seats, etc" - Glenn T (via Amazon)

I recently had two episodes of DVTs (blood clots in the legs). My legs have been sore and I have been unable to sit in most home chairs or car seats for any length of time. I tried other pads, pillows, towels, etc. but all still exhibited too much pressure under my leg area that contacted the seat which caused pain. Just before having to take a 8 hour car trip a few weeks ago - I splurged and purchased this cushion in hopes it might be different and worked. IT IS AND IT DOES!!! I could not believe that I was in the car for many hours at a time and was comfortable using the PURAP Cushion. I've been so pleased with this product I ordered a second one for my home - leaving the other in the car. It truly floats and does not bottom out. The cushion is wide in both directions and actually not that thick. It is well made and I have no concerns about it lasting a long time. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who experiences pain via pressure from seats, etc.

Helped heal stage-2 bedsore - ADB (via Amazon)

My father-in-law had a stroke a few months back and is bedridden. He developed a stage II bedsore and his home healthcare nurse recommended using an alternating pressure overlay. Unfortunately, it did not help him. So we bought the purap system last month. The wound has started healing and he is tolerating it well. It was easy to use, and best of all it has no pumps so we do not need to worry about the settings. This system is only for the hip region and not a full mattress overlay. For the heels, ​we bought offloading booties from amazon and use them. I would request the company to develop heel protection devices in addition to the purap hip protection devices.

It really works! - Bella (via Amazon)

My Mother is 89 and has a Parkinsons related disorder (PSP). She is losing her mobility and we are caring for her at home. She came home from the rehab nursing home with a bed sore on her shoulder. Her hip looked sore, and she developed one on her hip. She weighs 94 pounds and sleeps on her side. We purchased this and the chair mat to prevent any further sores from developing. She is not one to give out compliments but she loves the way this mat eliminates her pain at night in bed. We removed the side pieces, and covered the mat with a pillowcase because she sweats at night. With the mat placed lengthwise on the bed it protects both her shoulder and hip at night. She is sleeping through the night and her sores are healing rapidly. Worth every penny!