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PURAP 3D Flotation Mattress Pad

PURAP 3D Flotation Mattress Pad

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Use with: Hospital beds. Home nursing beds.

Use for: Bedsores. Pressure sores. Decubitus ulcers.

Heal and prevent bedsores 

The PURAP System is the most advanced mattress pad to help prevent and treat pressure ulcers (bedsores). Its patented 3D Flotation technology provides the lowest pressures at the sacrum and coccyx (hip region). PURAP has been clinically proven at Stanford University Hospital and recommended by clinicians.

Size: 38 x 12 x 3 inches; 10 pounds

  • Use with your existing mattress. No installation, no pumps. Thin, lightweight and portable.
  • Helps prevent and heal pressure sores. Provides relief from coccyx/tailbone, ischial tuberosities, and other pain.
  • Designed in California, this mattress pad offers lower pressure compared to foam, gel, and air mattresses. Clinically tested and recommended by physicians.
  • Patented technology uses fluid, air and foam layers in a thin, lightweight mattress pad to provide lowest sitting pressure.
  • Won't 'pack down' like other mattresses. Thin and lightweight. Comes with waterproof top cover.

    See how Purap's 3D fluid flotation technology prevents and heals bedsores


    Minimizes skin shear | Provides lowest pressure | Maintains skin microclimate

    Most 'support surfaces' such as spring, gel-foam, and low air-loss mattresses are compressible, flat, and two dimensional. A compressed material increases pressures because it wants to 'spring' back to its original state.

    PURAP, with its revolutionary three dimensional (3D) flotation technology, does not compress, fills in uneven body surfaces to maximize contact and direct support area. The 3D flotation technology evenly supports bony regions of the body and spreads out peak pressures over the whole support area to minimize all pressures.


    Clinical pressure map comparison with spring, gel foam, and air mattresses.


    Listen to one of our customers


    10 Great Benefits:

    1. Lowest peak skin interface pressures
    2. Virtually eliminates skin shear
    3. Maintains skin micro-climate
    4. Breathable and waterproof cover
    5. Easy transfer on and off the mattress
    6. Non-motorized, no pumps, and always quiet.
    7. Easy to use and easy to clean
    8. Tested for patients up to 250 lb. Size adjustable to fit most
    9. Use with your existing bed and mattress
    10. 30 day money back guarantee and free shipping

    Ideal For Patients with:

    Bedsores. By lowering and distributing the sitting pressure this mattress-pad stops painful pressure sores and ulcers from developing.

    Paralysis. Patients with limited or no mobility are more likely to develop bedsores and/or pain in their buttocks. 

    Post-surgery. Due to restricted mobility in the period following a surgery, patients are likely to develop pressure ulcers, which can make matters worse in a hospital setting.

    Old age, hospice care. The elderly are at high risk of skin shear and wounds/sores on their fragile skin.

    Osteoarthritis and psoriatic arthritis. Reduce the pressure on your hips and manage the pain associated with laying down

    Ischial Tuberosity pain. Manage the pain in the buttocks


    Disclaimer: The PURAP mattress pad is not a full mattress. Instead it's designed to relieve pressure from the areas where you are likely to develop sores - the sacrum and coccyx (the hip region and buttocks).

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