FEATURES OF PURAP 3D flotation cushion

The cushion uses patented 3D flotation technology, which has been tested at Stanford University Hospital, to effectively dissipate pressure and eliminate high pressure points, which are a source of pain and poor circulation.

1. Helps heal and prevent pressure sores - use as cushion for wheelchairs, recliners, and lift chairs

2. Provides relief from sitting pain due to Sciatica, Coccyx, Ischial and other conditions

3. Improves sitting stability and prevents patient leaning due to pain

A typical patient uses it 12 hours a day x 7 days a week

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Price: $169.99  $129.99



The Purap clinical cushion is more effective than air, foam, and gel cushions in reducing sitting pressure, which is the underlying cause behind pressure sores and sitting pain. Our patented technology was clinically tested at Stanford University Hospital and effectively reduces and dissipates pressure. (Read how our technology works)



The Purap clinical cushion is 18 x 20 x 1.5 inches and weighs 2.4 lbs. Its size, low profile, and flexibility allow it to fit most chairs, wheelchairs, scooters, and recliners. It comes with an anti-skid bottom and doesn't require straps.


Sores and sitting pain are painful and may require big lifestyle changes. In some cases, severe sores can be life threatening.


We are glad that our customers include people buying it not just for themselves, but for their elderly parents, for their wheelchair restricted relatives, for their disabled children, and for their spouses. Here are just a couple of the testimonials.

"This high tech, anti-pressure cushion really does work" (Read full review)

THIS HIGH TECH, ANTI PRESSURE CUSHION REALLY DOES WORK. It looks like any other cushion, but there seems to be something in the layering of the materials that makes it work. After having searched and searched and having purchased some real losers, I ordered this cushion for my Mom who spends a lot of time in her wheelchair and had started to regularly develop a pressure sore right below her tailbone. She is in a first rate nursing home and lack of care is not the issue. We have been emphatic about her being up in her wheelchair and participating in life and not laying around in her bed so the pressure on her tailbone became an issue.

She had just developed another sore just before the cushion arrived. This time, with the cushion in place, the sore healed really, really quickly...like within a week. Normally the staff would be nursing it along closer to 2 weeks or more before it would heal and the scab would fall off and then before we knew it another one would develop. It has now been almost a month and no new sore. We have all been checking her and there aren't even any red pressure areas on her behind anymore. The nurses can't believe it because this sore cycle has been going on for months.

I highly recommend this cushion for anyone with similar issues. The best part is that there is no setup; it is a NO-BRAINER. Just take the cushion out of the box and put it on the wheelchair or whatever chair you're going to use it on. You don't have to pump any air, you don't have to mess with any straps (it stays in place), the person/patient does not have to be placed a certain way on the cushion and if being placed on a wheelchair, the cushion covers the entire seat instead of only covering half the seat and putting pressure on the back of the thighs. I am beyond relieved that my search for the perfect cushion has ended before my Mom's pressure sores became a real problem or worse yet, a life threatening problem.

"You should baptize your product as the Pillow Hero" (Read full review)

What can I say...I've been doing physical therapy for the past 4 months, have had steroid epidural shots, anti-inflammatory medication, muscle relaxants...this is the first time I could sit for more than 5 minutes without immediately thinking that I should rearrange myself in a different position. Excellent product, definitely exceeded my expectations.

By the way, my case involves tailbone pain, extruded and bulging lumbar discs. Thanks Purap developers, you may rest your heads on your pillows at night and remember that a graduate student will be able to finish her thesis...you will be mentioned in my acknowledgment section!