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PURAP Coccyx Cutout Cushion

The PURAP cutout cushion uses patented fluid 3D Flotation technology to eliminate pressure points and provide the ultimate pain relief and comfort for:

  1. Coccyx/tailbone pain
  2. Ischial bursitis pain
  3. Sciatica
  4. Pregnancy related sitting and back pain
  5. Sitting and back pain from driving, trucking, gaming, or sitting in office for long hours

Special Launch Price: $115 $95

Provides pain relief by dissipating pressure & eliminating pressure points

1. For Coccyx/tailbone and ischial pain

Patients with coccyx pain can have extremely tender or sensitive coccyx. The cushion has a U-shaped cutout towards the back that helps eliminate pressure on the coccyx. Purap also helps dissipate pressure effectively to provide superior comfort.

2. For sciatica, bottom numbness and lower back pain from sitting or driving

Sitting long hours in an office computer chair or gaming chair, and driving long hours can create high pressure points, reduce circulation, and irritate the sciatic nerve. Purap helps eliminate these pressure 'hotspots' to prevent circulation cutoff, and also helps maintain a neutral spine position. This helps reduce bottom numbness and lower back pain. (For sciatica caused by injuries or other issues not related to sitting pressures, please consult your physician.)

3. For pregnancy and post-partum sitting and back pain

The Purap cushion helps reduce the pressure on the spine and maintain a neutral spine position and improve posture, which all help reduce back pain. It cradles the bottom and dissipates sitting pressure effectively to provide sitting comfort.

Patented fluid 3D Flotation technology uses 3 layers to eliminate pressure points

The PURAP cushion uses 3 layers - fluid, air, and foam - to eliminate high pressure points and to provide a stable support. It does not 'pack-down' like foam or gel surfaces. It allows fluid micromovements which prevent pressure buildup.

Better pressure relief than memory foam, egg-crate and gel cushions

Feels completely different than any other seat cushion

Other Cushions

PURAP Cushion


Thick, rigid, pre-contoured

Thin, flexible, contours to your body

Pack down like a spring

Does not pack down

Create high pressure points

Eliminates high pressure points

Pressure points reduce circulation

Does not cutoff circulation

Unevenly distribute pressure

Provides low, uniform pressure

Temporary feeling of comfort and 'sinking-in'

Real results and long lasting improvement

Specifications and Instructions

18 x 20 x 1.5 inches.

2.2 lbs.

Weight limit: 250 lbs.

1. To clean, wipe with a wet wipe

2. Do not put in washing machine or dryer

3. Do not puncture or tear