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No more sitting pain. No more bedsores.

Experience Purap's revolutionary 3D fluid-flotation technology.


Whether you sit long hours at the office or in a wheelchair, whether you have a long commute or are bedridden, you can use our products to take the pressure off. Purap's products have been proven to provide lower sitting/sleeping pressure, provide better pressure distribution, and manage skin micro-climate. What's the 3D fluid-flotation technology?



Oasis Seat Cushion

Oasis Seat Cushion

$ 179.99 $ 129.99

Use with: Office chairs. Car seats. Household chairs. Stadiums. Benches.

Use for: Poor posture. Sitting pain. Back pain. Numbness from sitting.

PURAP 3D Flotation Mattress System

PURAP 3D Flotation Mattress System

$ 849.99 $ 499.99

Use with: Hospital beds. Home nursing beds.

Use for: Bedsores. Pressure sores. Decubitus ulcers.

PURAP 3D-Flotation Seat Cushion

PURAP 3D-Flotation Seat Cushion

$ 179.99 From $ 134.59

Use with: Wheelchairs. Mobility scooters. Lift chairs. Recliners.

Use for: Pressure sores. Coccyx Pain. Sciatica. Fibromyalgia. Decubitus ulcers. Ischial tuberosities. Poor posture. Postpartum sitting pain. Osteoarthritis. Psoriatic arthritis.

Lower peak pressure and better pressure distribution