Sun-Sentinel Report: Untreated Bedsores Can Be Lethal

The Sun-Sentinel, based in Florida, reported the following:

  • Untreated bedsores can be lethal.  
  • Pressure ulcers can develop in as little as three hours as a result of sitting or lying too long in the same position.
  • Those who are bedridden are most at risk, including those in hospitals and long-term care facilities like nursing homes. The problem can occur in the home, as well.
  • Ulcers develop quickly depending on how hard the surface is that you're on and how much fat padding a person has.
  • Thin, frail individuals develop bedsores more quickly.
  • Getting pressure off is absolutely key.
  • The Journal of the American Geriatric Society estimates that an average 4-to-5 percent of patients develop pressure ulcers during a hospital stay, and the number is higher in long-term care facilities: 23 percent.
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