What is fluid 3D Flotation technology?

PURAP products are based on a proprietary fluid-based, 3D flotation technology that helps eliminate high pressure hotspots, dissipates pressure effectively, and reduces skin shear.

The fluid 3D Flotation technology uses layers – fluid, foam, and air – to dissipate pressure. The fluid layer is closest to the body. It fills in the uneven body surfaces (e.g., bony protrusions) to maximize contact and increase direct support area.

The technology has been tested at Stanford University Hospital.

  • True low air-loss surfaces

    Disadvantages: Highly expensive (thousands of dollars)

    True low air loss systems are highly expensive systems that work by blowing air through small holes on the surface of the mattress, attempting to minimize the ‘rebound’ of the mattress. To be effective, they need powerful pumps that force more than 150 litres of air through the mattress per minute.

  • Gel or memory foam surfaces

    Disadvantages: Rebound, pre-contoured

    Memory foam and gel cushions ‘rebound’ over time, trying to get back to their original shape. That slow rebound actually creates uneven and high pressures. They are also often rigid, pre-contoured, and have a one-shape-fits-all contour. That rigidity locks you in one position and magnifies high pressure points.

  • Fluid 3D Flotation

    Advantages: Top-end performance at affordable prices

    Our technology helps reduce high pressure points by increasing the amount of support at high pressure points and dissipating the high pressure over a much larger, active support surface. Moreover, the fluid layer moves around freely in a bladder, so it easily adjusts to the shifting positions of the patients and adjusts to the changing high-pressure points.

Pressure mapping comparison

We conducted several studies, including a study at Stanford, and collected a large amount of pressure data. The pressure maps confirm that fluid 3D Flotation lowers the peak pressures and provides better pressure distribution.

PURAP cushion pressure distribution comparison

Memory foam and gel cushions ‘rebound’ and push back against your bottom, creating high pressure points (red areas on the pressure map). Our fluid 3D Flotation cushion helps eliminate high pressure points to provide uniform support and stability (blue and green areas in the pressure map). This helps heal and prevent bedsores.

PURAP mattress system pressure distribution

An independent pressure study was conducted on several specialized surfaces, with the head of the bed at 0°, 30°, 60° inclines – to determine pressure mapping at the various positions at which patients rest.  The study shows that our fluid 3D flotation technology performs significantly better than other high-end and high-priced specialized support surfaces at all incline angles.

Born from personal experience

One of our founder's father-in-law developed a bedsore while at a skilled nursing facility. None of the existing products helped and he ultimately passed away due to complications related to his sores.

Our search for something that actually worked in dissipating pressure and preventing and treating bedsores led us to create the 3D Flotation technology and our range of bedsore and pain-relief support surfaces.