• Exceptional pressure relief seat cushions & mattress pad with a unique 'liquid' layer.

    Using incredibly advanced fluid '3D Flotation' pressure relief technology, our seat cushions and mattress pad provide unparalleled sitting comfort and have helped more than 25 thousand customers with sitting pain relief, coccyx/tailbone pain reduction, and bedsore prevention and treatment.

Will the Liquid layer leak?

We have done some heavy-duty testing on our products (see video below) and unless you puncture the product with a sharp object, it will not leak.

  • Outperforms popular memory foam, gel, and low air loss alternating pressure systems.

    In pressure mapping tests, PURAP consistently provides one of the lowest peak pressures. (Red and yellow = high pressure | Green and blue = low pressure)

Our customers love us

  • "It looks like any other cushion. This high tech, anti-pressure cushion really does work," KC - purchased it for her mom who is wheelchair bound.

  • "It is rather amazing. I am a nurse practitioner and have been a nurse for nearly 35 years. I recommend this to anyone," Selena - purchased it for her elderly mother.

Thin. Flexible. Different.

Unique fluid layer is a game-changer.

  • 1. The best pressure relief

    PURAP products outperform gel, memory foam, and most low-air-loss alternating air systems in peak pressure reduction, which is the root cause of sitting pain, discomfort, and bedsores.

  • 2. Flexible and no 'rebound'

    The thick, pre-contoured cushions and pads create a slow rebound that creates uneven pressures on your bottom. Our unique fluid layer has no rebound and conforms to your body shape without bottoming out.

  • 3. Thin, but with 3D support

    Our products are thin by design. The fluid layer moves freely in a bladder, constantly adjusting to your shifting positions, and giving your bottom full 3D support.

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