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Clinical cushions & mattress pad for pain relief

Clinical cushions and mattress pad for pain relief

"This is priceless" - Sharon

"Lifesaver for my mom" - K.C.

"Answer to a prayer" - V. Praytor

with our cushions and mattress pad

Sitting pain

Relief from sciatica, hip (ischial) bursitis, numbness and heaviness in legs


Prevent and heal bedsores aka pressure sores, decubitus ulcers, pressure ulcers

Back pain

Relief from back pain and lumbar pain, herniated discs, muscle spasms

technology to make you float

Reduced pressure

In clinical tests, 3D Flotation reduced sacral peak pressure in patients by 23%.

Report increased comfort

In clinical tests, 70% of patients reported increased comfort with PURAP.

The reason for all those rave reviews

Our products use patented fluid 3D Flotation technology, which has been clinically tested at Stanford University Hospital.

A unique fluid layer virtually eliminates peak pressure hotspots and dissipates pressure away from the body.

It outperforms gel, memory foam, and alternating air products.