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PURAP Wheelchair Cushion for Bedsore Relief

PURAP Wheelchair Cushion for Bedsore Relief

The PURAP wheelchair cushion is designed to reduce high pressure points and help prevent and heal pressure ulcers (bedsores). Our patented fluid 3D Flotation technology has been tested at Stanford University Hospital. It provides much lower and more uniform sitting pressure than gel and memory foam cushions. Our cushion doesn’t ‘rebound’ and ‘lock-you-in’ like those cushions, either. It has helped thousands of customers who have limited mobility because they are disabled, elderly, or recovering from surgery. Many of our customers call us personally to thank us.

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Who is it for?

  • Patients who are disabled
  • Patients who have limited mobility because they are recovering from surgery
  • Patients who have to sit long hours (e.g. for Chemo)
  • Elderly customers who risk sores because of fragile skin and limited mobility

Return Period

30-days from date of purchase. No questions asked.


20 x 18 x 1.5 inches

Care Instructions

Waterproof top and anti-skid bottom. Wipe with a wet wipe. Do not place in washing machine or dryer.

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Why do wheelchair users need a special cushion?

Wheelchair users sit for longer periods and are usually unable to shift positions frequently and/or on their own. The constant pressures on few points of the buttocks create pressure sores. Sores are extremely painful and can get infected and worsen very quickly. A well-designed wheelchair cushion helps eliminate high pressure points and prevent and heal sores.

How does PURAP prevent and heal sores?

Memory foam and gel cushions ‘rebound’ and push back against your bottom, creating high pressure points (red areas on the pressure map). PURAP uses layers –fluid, air, and foam – to fill in the uneven body surface and increase the support area for your bottom. The fluid layer also moves freely in a bladder and helps eliminate high pressure points to provide uniform support and stability (blue and green areas in the pressure map). This helps heal and prevent bedsores.

Hear from our customers

  • No slow rebound

    Memory foam and gel cushions ‘rebound’ over time, trying to get back to their original shape. That slow rebound actually creates uneven and high pressures. Our cushions reduce sore-causing high-pressure points and provide continuous low, uniform seating pressures.

  • No rigid, pre-contoured shape

    Other cushions are rigid, pre-contoured, and have a one-shape fits-all contour. That rigidity locks you in one position and magnifies high pressure points. Our cushion has a fluid layer that enables micromovements that help it easily respond to your position changes.

  • Thin. Flexible

    Most other cushions are thick and rigid chunky slabs of gel or foam that are 3 or 4 inches thick They increase seating height which reduces comfort and ‘fit’ in most seats. Our cushion is much thinner and does not raise you significantly, does not alter your ‘fit’ in the seat, and dissipates high pressures effectively.

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