Prices of Beds to Prevent or Treat Bed Sores

It's 2015.  I just found out that my mom has bed sores.  I google "bed sores" and find such horrible pictures that I am now scared.  My mom's bed sores do not look like those pictures on the internet (yet?).  Will they get worse?  When?  How do I help my mom?  Is there anything out there?  If so, how much do they cost?  Oh my goodness...

I go back to my computer and start my research.  My mom needs a new bed that lowers pressures to her bottom.  There are a bunch of beds and stuff that claim to help prevent or treat bed sores.  I have to find the perfect bed for my mom!  Some of the cheaper mattresses cost $1k, but they are just foam blocks.  My couch is made of foam blocks, can she just use my couch?  Some of the air bladder/air loss/space age material beds cost $5k-15k.  They must work, right?  I mean, hospital use them.  I then find out that I need a hospital bed to match the mattress.  The beds cost $3k-25k, depending upon whether they can make you coffee in the mornings.  How can I afford all of this?  Oh my goodness!

I just want my mom's bed sores to go away.  I can't sleep anymore with those internet pictures giving me nightmares.   Do those expensive hospital beds & mattresses really work?  Why do we still have bed sores when these beds are available?  I still can't afford them, even if they work.  Shall I talk to my sisters to pool money for our mom?  My mother needs something that is proven to provide the lowest pressures and treat or prevent bed sores.  I need something that I can afford, preferably something I can use on my mom's current bed.  There is something out there.  I heard there is.  Oh my goodness gracious...

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