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Scientific data show that fluid cushions, provided that they don't bottom out, have natural advantages in lowering  pressures than cushions made with foam, gel or air.  Data, schamta..., I was curious to see if my rear, on a fluid cushion during a long drive, would confirm the science or toss such facts to the round bin.  I don’t have a back problem, but I do start alternating butt cheeks about two hours into a drive and end up with a dull backache after about four hours.

My kids were going to a sleep away camp located about four hours away from our home.  As I started cruising on the freeway, I strained to see if I can feel any difference. I was disappointed that I could not immediately feel a difference.  I don’t know when it happened, but I soon forgot about the fluid seat cushion and fell into a wandering mix of listening to the kids, watching the kids take naps, and changing radio stations.  In what felt like four days, we finally reached the kids’ camp.  As I got out of the car, I realized that I was supposed to have focused on the fluid seat cushion.  Shoot, a blown plan, but I still had the trip home…

I started back home with fervent resolve to really focus on the fluid seat cushion.  As in the morning, I was hypersensitive as I started off, but again, I soon forgot about my plan as the boredom of a long drive set in.  I remembered my plan as I was getting out of the car when I got home.  How did I mess up again?  As I was feeling disappointed at myself, it hit me.  I just drove 8 hours without shifting side to side, and I did not have that familiar, dull backache when I got home.  Did I just imagine this, or did the fact that I forgot about the seat cushion during the long drive prove its comfort value?  A week later, I repeated the same long boring drive and again, no side to side shifting or dull backache!  

When you are comfortable, you don’t think about your seat cushion, fluid or otherwise!

There are thousands of seat cushions for sale.  Which one is for you?  It may be the one with modern looks,  cool sounding names or the right prices.  I would recommend a fluid based seat cushion because when there is less pressure, you are more comfortable, and you can sit for longer periods of time, when necessary.  

We hope to hear back from you, with your own stories of what works for you.

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