Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the fluid used in the PURAP products? Is it dangerous?
    The fluid is a medical grade, 100% biocompatible mineral oil. 
  • Will the fluid in the PURAP products leak?
The fluid is contained in a high-quality bladder and we have done extensive testing to ensure that the fluid does not leak from the bladder. Watch the video below where we even drove a forklift over the bladder to test it out.


    • How do I use the PURAP mattress system?
      Please follow the instructions from the Instructions For Use for the PURAP Mattress System and for the PURAP Seat Cushion.

    • How do I get help on using PURAP?
      Refer to the user videos and the Instructions For Use. If you still have questions please call the customer service helpline at 650-468-0571 or email us at

    • The PURAP I bought does not fit the patient properly. What do I do?
      PURAP is adjustable to fit most people. Please call the customer service helpline at 650-468-0571 or email us at

    • Is the PURAP washable? How do I clean it?
      The PURAP is not washable. Standard anti-bacterial wipes can be used to gently clean or wipe the surface of the PURAP system in the event that it is soiled.
      • What do I do if the PURAP is damaged?
        Stop using it and replace it with another PURAP.  In case of an accidental puncture to the fluid bladder, some of the mineral oil may leak out.  Please use commonly available cleansers that are compatible with the soiled surface.
      • What do I do if the PURAP is damaged?
        Stop using it and call customer service at 650-468-0571.

      • Can someone else use my PURAP?
        PURAP is a single person use device. We strongly discourage reuse to prevent cross contaminations.

      • My product is damaged and leaking some fluid. What should I do

        Please stop using the product and give us a call. If you end up puncturing the fluid bladder, some of the biodegradable mineral oil may leak out. Please reach out to us.

      • You offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Do I have to pay for shipping if I return my PURAP? And how and when will I receive my refund?
        The customer will pay for return shipping. You will get your refund within 30 days to the same credit card you used to pay for the product. For more information, please read our Return Policy.

      • How do I order the PURAP?
        The PURAP can be ordered directly through our site at Please call customer service helpline at 650-468-0571 if you need assistance ordering.