Post Partum (post pregnancy) Inflammation Aid

We developed the PURAP Seat Cushion to help those in wheelchairs. During our product testing, one of our nurses suggested that we let pregnant women know about our product for post partum (post pregnancy) inflammations. My wife did not have any post partum inflammation, so I went to The Bump to learn more.

Sure enough, ice packs, in various forms, are recommended as one of the necessary post partum supplies. Our testing nurse told us that the PURAP Seat Cushion, with its cooling, fluid filled bladder, would be perfect to keep one’s bottom cool and comfortable for long periods of time. If the fluid’s natural coolness isn’t sufficient, our nurse even suggested putting our pad onto a rack in a refrigerator to get cooler seats that are still comfortable.

Ice, in any form, is hard and can add to the pain under one’s bottom, and one cannot sit with it for too long. The PURAP Seat Cushion will provide the cooling and the comfort, along with a breathable yet waterproof cover, to help women recover more quickly after their deliveries.

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You are so right! You hit the nail on the head of exactly how I felt diurng my pregnancies. Nesting wasn’t some sort of blissful, sweet time I was crazy! Here’s hoping you feel less of the drowning sensation and snag some more chances to breathe. Hang in there and love your honesty about all of this!


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