Edison Nation Medical Looking for New Therapeutic Support Surface

The following is a post on www.edisonnationmedical.com:

We are working with a leading manufacturer of advanced foam sleep products to find new therapeutic support surface solutions that improve and protect patient well-being during sleep, rest, an operation or diagnostic test.

What exactly are therapeutic support surfaces (also referred to as TSS)? They are specialized mattresses or cushions that redistribute body pressure to better manage tissue loads, skin moisture and temperature. They provide for proper alignment, pain reduction and posture control.

When brainstorming and designing TSS ideas, comfort is certainly an important consideration, but it isn’t the ONLY consideration. These products address issues such as pressure-point relief, treatment/prevention of pressure ulcers, heat dissipation, blood circulation, oxygenation issues and more. Product ideas may be geared to healthcare or home use.
Foam sleep products manufacturers should take a long look at our 3D Pressure Relief System.  Checks all of the boxes...
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