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PURAP Wheelchair Lumbar and Back Cushion with Pressure Relief Fluid 3D Flotation Technology

PURAP Wheelchair Lumbar and Back Cushion with Pressure Relief Fluid 3D Flotation Technology

The PURAP Back-Float cushion is designed to provide relief from back pain and maintain a neutral spine position. Now you can sit comfortably and without back pain in office chairs, cars, trucks, and wheelchairs. The cushion uses our proprietary fluid 3D Flotation technology, which is also used in luxury zero-gravity chairs. The unique fluid layer dissipates pressure effectively and provides the optimum level of back and lumbar support.

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18 x 16 x 1.5 inches

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Waterproof top and anti-skid bottom. (Just wipe with cloth. Do not wash.)

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The reason sitting is a real pain in the neck (and back)

You have probably experienced these symptoms – a pain in the neck, stress on the lower back or on one side of the back. And to get relief, you constantly adjust your position and often lean on one side or forward. The reason is often the same – your back is being supported only by a few points that are in contact with your cushion and your spine is not in a neutral position.

Why our Back-Float cushion works

There are 3 layers in our cushion - fluid, air and foam - and they fill in all ‘gaps’ between your back and the seat back, and increase the support area for your back. With a larger support area, there is no high pressure from any particular areas on your back. The fluid layer also moves freely inside a bladder and it dissipates pressure to the sides of the cushion. This reduces back pain and helps maintain a neutral spine position.

  • No slow rebound

    Memory foam and gel cushions ‘rebound’. That slow rebound actually creates uneven pressure on your back. It is like being constantly pushed by your cushion. The Back-Float cushion does not rebound – it actually compresses and dissipates pressure to the sides of the cushion.

  • No rigid, pre-contoured shape

    Other cushions are rigid and often have a pre-contoured shape. But each back is different and so is each chair. That rigidity and that fixed shape actually locks you in one position and increases pain and discomfort. Our cushion has a fluid layer that moves freely inside a bladder – it automatically fills-in the gaps between your back and your chair.

  • Thin. Large

    Those other cushions are thick, rigid, chunky slabs of gel or foam that are a few inches thick. They may look comfortable but they work exactly the same way as your chair or car seat. Our cushion is thin and large. It needs to reduce pressure and increase your back support area, and it's great at doing that.

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Barbara Holland
It Feels so Good

This is the second time buying this product love it