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PURAP products are based on a proprietary fluid-based, 3D flotation technology that minimizes peak skin pressure, distributes pressure, and maintains optimal micro-climate temperatures.


Purap 3D fluid-flotation layers



Difference between 3D fluid-flotation technology and the rest

Most 'support surfaces' such as spring, gel-foam, and low air-loss mattresses are compressible, flat and two dimensional. A compressed material increases pressures because it wants to 'spring' back to its original state. PURAP, with its revolutionary three dimensional (3D) flotation technology, does not compress, fills in uneven body surfaces to maximize contact and direct support area.  The 3D flotation technology evenly supports bony regions of the body and spreads out peak pressures over the whole support area to minimize all pressures.


Clinical studies prove that Purap is better than alternatives

We conducted several studies, including a study at Stanford, and collected a large amount of pressure data. The pressure maps confirm that Purap lowers the peak pressure and provides better pressure distribution.


Purap Cushion Pressure Comparison

 Purap Cushion Pressure Maps

Purap Mattress Pressure Comparison

An independent pressure study was conducted on several specialized surfaces, with the head of the bed at 0°, 30°, 60° inclines.  The study shows that PURAP, with its 3D flotation technology, performs significantly better than other high-priced specialized support surfaces at all incline angles.


Purap Mattress Pressure Comparison


Oasis Cushion Pressure Comparison


Oasis Cushion Pressure Comparison



Purap manages skin interface temperatures


Managing skin temperature is also critical in preventing, reducing or treating pressure ulcers. PURAP’s technology is able to maintain skin interface temperatures in a range that is comfortable to the patient and minimizes pressure ulcer formation or growth.