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Pressure sores affect about 3 million people in the US annually.

Severe complications from pressure sores are responsible for 60,000 deaths each year in the US alone.

People Underestimate Sores

Severe complications from pressure sores are responsible for up to 60,000 deaths in the US alone, despite the fact that sores are highly preventable.

Most patients and their caregivers don’t take sores seriously and, therefore, don’t act in time.

We know the risks and the pain

Our founder's father-in-law developed a bedsore while at a skilled nursing facility. None of the existing products helped and he ultimately passed away due to complications related to his sores.

All about pressure sores in 2 minutes

Who is at risk of pressure sores?

Due to their limited mobility, and their prolonged sitting or resting in one position, the following people are at high risk for bed sores.

Wheelchair and scooter users

Bedridden patients

Those in post-op care

Those on Dialysis or Chemotherapy

The elderly or the disabled

What are pressure sores? What causes pressure sores?

Pressure sores are wounds on skin and tissue that are caused by consistent high pressure on the same spots of your skin.

The most common areas for bedsores to develop are the tailbone or buttocks.

They initially look like small red spots on your skin, but can quickly worsen to become deep, open, flesh-exposed wounds that can be life-threatening.

(We haven't included them here due to their graphic nature, but you can search for pictures of pressure sores. Warning: they are extremely graphic.)

How fast can a pressure sore develop?

According to a paper on PubMed (part of the NIH), pressure ulcers occur can start developing between the first hour and 4-6 hours. Individual timelines may vary, depending on a host of other factors.

How fast can you heal a bed sore?

Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to healing pressure sores. Depending on the stage of the sore and the type of care, a single sore can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months to heal. If not treated properly, a sore may never fully heal.

What are the home remedies to heal bed sores?

Home remedies may provide temporary relief and comfort. However, bed sores are a serious medical condition, with the potential to become life-threatening. Bedsores have to be treated by 1) providing proper medical care (dressings, ointments, or surgery), and 2) removing the root cause of pressure sores i.e. high pressure points.

What happens when a pressure sore does not heal?

When sores are not properly taken care of, they can quickly progress from stage 1 (redness and pain) to stage 2, stage 3 and stage 4 (deep, open, flesh-exposed wounds). Open sores (stage 2 and above) can easily get severely infected and lead to sepsis.

Can memory foam cushions treat pressure sores?

Most wheelchair or pain relief cushions and pads are designed for comfort, not to dissipate pressure. Memory foam can easily dip and sag - that may seem to provide temporary relief and comfort. However, at points where they compress they create high pressure points like a regular cushion or mattress. Those pressure points create and worsen sores.

How can I treat bed sores?

  1. Alert your doctor or healthcare professional immediately.
  2. Do not hope that sores will simply "go away" and do not rely on just home remedies.
  3. Keep a daily record of progression of sores.
  4. Medical treatment may include regular position changes, dressings, and, in severe cases, surgery.
  5. All options should include a mechanism to reduce pressure on the affected area so that sores don’t worsen and new sores don’t form. Otherwise, sores will keep healing and then recurring.

What is fluid 3D Flotation technology?

The fluid 3D Flotation technology is a patented technology developed by PRS Medical Technologies in California. It uses 3 proprietary layers, including a unique fluid layer, to dissipate pressure away from the body towards the edges of the cushion. It has been tested at Stanford Medical Hospital. It was developed after our founder’s father-in-law passed away due to complications from pressure sores.

We get picked last to treat bedsores

Despite glowing reviews and thousands of grateful customers, most of our customers have purchased the PURAP fluid 3D Flotation products after trying a lot of other cushions and mattresses.

The simple reason: people underestimate sores.

Avoid wasting time and money

Here's what many of our reviews sound like:

"We tried stacks of cushions, we tried memory foam. Nothing helped him.....This is the only cushion that has helped him."

"Where several other products failed, this one worked!"

People who underestimate sores end up buying simple and cheap memory foam-based or gel-based cushions. When those products don’t work, people end up looking for something that actually helps heal pressure sores – that’s when they buy PURAP.

By the time they discover PURAP, they have wasted precious time and money - and the sores have gotten worse. Don't wait for sores to develop or for them to get worse. 

Making a difference to people's lives